What happened when I realized my friend didn't really give a crap about me?

Friend breakups are the worst. I had what I though was a really good friend, but their actions showed me something different. When someone doesn't care about you anymore and you just realize your friendship can't last if your not calling and making plans with that person.  You go from talking or seeing that person everyday [depeneding on your school/ work situation] and then you don't see them at all. Why are you not friends with them anymore? Did you end it well, or did you just stop calling/texting them back or the ultimate blocking them off social media. Did they do something stupid? Or is it just you? When did you realize "the"  person is not making you better and you need to surround yourself with people who do? What ever it is are you happy your not in that persons life anymore? If so, you did the right thing for yourself. You just got to be good with you and if the other person can't deal then it's only their loss. Friend breakup's are the worst. 


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lauren schugar