Made You Up

I went to the library and checked out two different books. I have 3 weeks before they have to be returned. No pressure or anything. The first book I started is called Made You Up. I actually stopped reading my current book to read the library book because I was nervous I wouldn't finish in time for the books to be returned. Yesterday was the probably the most I have ever read in one day. Over a hundred and seventy pages!!! The last couple of days every time my Mom would check on me and I was reading, she would tell me how proud she is of me reading verses watching TV. Reading inspires me to create my own stories. 

It's funny because my now my classmates would say, " I always have a book in my face". I never thought I would say this but reading is kinda fun.


jacket: old Zara/boots: Steve Madden/ jeans:Levis/ top: bought in Japan 

lauren schugar