get your feelings out

   I always wondered why you were the fake friend in my life. I use to assume it was my fault because most of my childhood friendships ending were my fault. Its crazy to me now how much I changed being friends with you. well, you were my only friend and that bright giggle girl I us to be  I can't find. It makes me sad but I was going to evolve eventually. I just didn't realize that it happened when I was with you. Always move forward never backward is what I learned from you. So thank you! I learned something and will try my best not to make that mistake again. I'm done and after complaining about you for years [sorry! I shouldn't have gossiped about you with my mom.

I'm over it.

[My mom said this was uneducable and my grandpa says I make my self-sound like a loser but I had to get my feelings out one way or another so here they are.]  


cherry earrings:Jennifer Loiselle/belt:Vintage Moss & Mills/pants: H&M/Top:Zara/shoes:Onitsuka Tiger

lauren schugar