2018 New years Yays and Struggles

This year my goal was to improve on my comprehension skills and to be at reading grade level so I decided to read a book a week. So, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read 52 books in 2018. Knowing that it was a stretch, and going to be tuff. I surprised everyone in my ;life including myself. In 2017 I read 6 books and in 2016 i read none. Two years ago If you would have told me that I would accomplish my goal of reading 52 books in a year and enjoying it, I likely would of laughed at you.

In 2019, Ive been trying to make a New Year’s goal that will simply make me better and test my appetite [like reading 52 did]. I was thinking about learning a new language. I know it’s ambitious, but if I could get a head start now come fall when high school starts I can be a bit a head of the game. I know most people take a language class and don’t really use it because they don’t have a reason to, or just forgot it over time. But if I commit I’ll make it happen. I definitely want to travel and its going to be a lot easier if I can communicate. The question is what language should I learn? I was thinking French but my mom wants Spanish because people speak it in America and Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, etc So we can go to more place’s.

These are also some smaller goals I have for 2019 that will start in March because as my mom says ‘‘2019 is the year of the chill’’ that makes me smile ever time! If you haven’t seen my blog in a while or ever visited you should know I'm having spine fusion surgery to straighten my back. I have Scoliosis, which means my spine is curved. [BTW,I’m am spending my New Years in a hospital bed] Anyways, my New Years goals that will start in March: working out 3 times a week, and attempting to eat one sugary treat a week. Hopefully ‘‘Year of the Chill’’ goes according! Thanks for reading.

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shoes: Lazy Oaf Vans/ pink Boiler suit: Urban Outfitters/ socks:Stance/ glasses: Warby Parker

shoes: Lazy Oaf Vans/ pink Boiler suit: Urban Outfitters/ socks:Stance/ glasses: Warby Parker

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