Yellow Door

Love how the only time I want to write a blog post is when I’m procrastinating from doing homework.

Today I thinking about 15 minutes of fame, you know that thing that only last so long and is when your popular or ‘‘famous for a limited amount of time”. I was wondering if this is mine. I”ve had a blog since I was 10 years old and have gotten some pretty dope experiances because of it. Last August I was on the news, and have been thinking… was this my 15 minutes? Earlier today I was telling a classmate how Ariana Grande said, “This could be perceived as one of the best years of her life, because her career is soaring. But it has actually been one of her hardest and worst years ever for her personal life. Obviously, I haven’t had the same experiences and theres no comparison to me and Miss Grande.

My mom thinks I’m going to be in politics. I think If I don’t do something creative, maybe I”ll be a lawyer because I can win an argument and when I know its helpless I try to make myself not look like a fool. I hate saying this but the two reasons I wouldn’t is because I don’t think I”m smart enough and If I decide to go a different path and going to have student loans up the wall!

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