Amsterdam Pass

On are last day in Amsterdam I was thinking about how we didn’t need the purchase the Amsterdam Pass. We had bought the Amsterdam Pass for 3 days and although we did go to lots of museums, we would of not have made time for like the Stedeliik Museum. We also didn’t use the transportation system at all that comes with the pass. My mom and I are always trying to get the most for her money, thus one day we hit up 4 or 5 museums each day. I think in total of 3 1/2 days we went to over 10 museums! Dragging me from museum to museum, but real deal I went to the dutch costume, purse museum, 2 jewish museum, and of course Van Gogh…. the list goes on and on.

What I learned from this trip that you don’t have to plan your travel hour by hour because there’s a lot of spontaneous moments that are just to good to be true. If everything is too planned out you can miss those spontaneous moment. Also sometimes I missed out on museums because I didn’t do my researcher. It’s a balance that I am still learning. Just keep that in mind if you are getting chance to travel to place new.

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