finally being able to exercise: scoliosis surgery recovering

I’m allowed to exercise, YAY!🙂

Yesterday my mom got a call from one of my surgeons team member. They were making sure we were ok with giving our phone number to anyone who potentially would need to have scoliosis surgery. The surgery is a scary one and knowing some else’s perspective can make it easier. I have been waiting to get in the pool and swim, take more then a 5 minute run, or just not feel as restricted. So when I heard my mom talking to someone on my surgeons team, I got all exited and insisted that she put the woman on speaker. I asked if I could swim and what strokes. She told me I could do all of them but that butterfly stroke would be difficult to do and that I had to swim a few times before doing hard core (l like to push myself in the water). I didn’t have time to ask about running but I was so thrilled I could swim!

Two days later..

I missed swimming. The months leading up to my surgery I wasn’t swimming that often and was mainly rollerskating for roller derby. But now as summer is approaching and Seattle is slowly starting to defrost I have a feeling swimming will become a weekly activity.

Side question are you into the biker short trend? I feel like they’re good for the summer becomes they look like workout shorts instead of sweating in long yoga paints. Although I couldn’t wear them in any other season because I’d be to cold.


Biker short set:UrbanOutfitters/ denim jacket:Levis

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