Blue Beret

Stumbling across a full length ivy wall while walking to breakfast. I had a special lenses moment, just how I like to start the morning. I was feeling Paris vibes today so why not a beret? Well, the real reason I was wearing such europe’n look is because in less then a 2 days I’ll be in Paris! Ya, that’s right babe I’m going to Europe and am also going to staying for a month! I’ll be going to France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Dam, just writing this post I am reminded me of how blessed I am. Where ever you are or whomever you’re with just take a second to be grateful. I feel like lately I’ve had more then a few bad negative Nancy days, I need to start looking at life a different way, at the upcoming events not counting the hours of school I have left. What I’m trying to say is that I hope your look’n at the world with a sunny smile..

madewelldenimtop (17 of 22).jpg
madewelldenimtop (12 of 22).jpg
madewelldenimtop (6 of 22).jpg

blue beret:gifted by my Aunt Mel/ denim top: Madewell/ stripe pants:H&M/ shoes: LazyOaf for vans

lauren schugar