Burano, The most colorful Island

I have found my new favorite colorful place, Burano a hour public boat bus ride away from Venice Italy. Burano has about 2,800 people living there and is known for there brightly colored houses, it’s a rule in Burano that if you want to paint your house you have to send a request to the government and they will have a list of colors you can choose from. They want you to have different colors than your neighbor.

My dad was coming into Venice the day we went to Burano! We new he would not want to come with us to an island where all there is to do is take picture and videos. So we decided since he was going to arrive around 4pm we would just be back by then. We had no clue how to us the boat bus system but eventually figured it out and got on the right boat to the left of doges palace. If you want to see more of are adventure you can watch my YouTube video!

lauren schugar