Buy things you love

So many Americans just buy stuff. Whether its clothing,  plane tickets, $4 starbucks etc. We buy stuff that we like but don't necessarily love or even need for that matter. Or maybe that is just something I do, especially with clothing. I see something I like but don't love it. It sits in my closet and then my mom nags be to wear it. The new thing in my house is to only buy things we love... especially in the clothing department. Like this madwell shirt I am wearing below. I love it and always feel good when I wear it. I've had lots of other shirts that I don't love or at the point don't even like and just don't want to wear. End result I waist money. My whole point here is when you what to buy something just make sure you love it. 

top + bandanna: Madewell/ shorts: Mudd/ necklances: Catbird 

lauren schugar