Me & Hannah

This is Hannah, my oldest cousin who will be going to collage in the fall. I'm not the closest with Hannah but family is family and I wish I could be closer. It's weird because with some-people I feel like I just can't be closer with them. Maybe it's because I don't know how to be closer and connect with them. Hannah's younger brother Evan is my age and is one of my favorite people in my family.Whenever I'm in Las Vegas, I'm always with him. As a result I never really connected with Hannah on that level. 

 Hannah has had the same best friends for a long time. My mom even has her boyfriends phone number and texted he texted her "Happy Mother's Day". I thought that was kinda of weird that her boyfriend was setting up my future boyfriends for failure. I don't want my mom ever texting my boyfriends.  

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