Disappointment is part of Life

I am not fond of the phrase “disappointment is part of life”. I am getting back surgery at the end of December and as a result I will no longer be able to play roller derby. My surgeon says roller derby is almost as dangerous for my back as wrestling. Which makes me really sad. I really enjoy being on the Seattle Debry Brats team Poison Skid’les. I just found my sport, and having to give it up because of my body sucks. Disappointing to say the least. My mom said that being disspointed is a part of life and is a feeling that I should get comfortable with. If you only knew frustrating it is to hear this.

denim jumper:my mom’s closet/socks: Stance /shoe :vans /glasses: Band.o

denim jumper:my mom’s closet/socks:Stance/shoe:vans/glasses:Band.o

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