Florance Street Art

We booked a Florance Street art tour via Air b-n-b experiences and learned about a new wave of street art that is all over the city.

A new generation of artists has emerged who have started a new Renaissance to bring art closer to the people once again. The streets of Florence and the walls of the palaces are their “canvas” and not even the street signs are safe. The artists of the Urban Renaissance strive to make the city a bit more colorful, put a smile on your face, make you think or inspire you. What I found the most interesting was that most of the art was on paper and glued to the wall so it could easily be taken down. Or stenciled on the electrical boxes.

Each has its own distinctive style, and once I learned about each artist I started to spot Florance street art all over town. Below are the artist and the works I spotted around town.


The French artist Clet Abraham found his home in Florence, where he has his studio in the San Niccolò district. Mysteriously, funny stickers started appearing on the Florentine street signs, and the police leave them up because the signs don’t get damaged.



This mysterious artist is only known by his alias Blub. With his project L’Arte sa nuotare (Art can swim) he depicts famous works of art and characters mainly in blue, white and black. They all wear a diving mask and are underwater. Blub often uses the metal doors of gas and electricity meters, on which at first he painted directly, but now sticks posters of his work to because they are regularly removed. As you can see, I found a lot of this work


Exit Enter

The stylized line figurines with a red heart or balloon spring from the creative mind of the Florentine artist known as Exit/Enter. With his minimalist drawings, he brightens up your day or makes you stop and think for a moment. Exit/Enter’s star is also rising outside Italy, earlier this year his work was presented at the Street Art Museum in Amsterdam.


Hopnn Yuri

The most famous work of the artist born in the Marche, are the red and white figures in Via Toscanelli. With the cycling characters, he wants to promote the use of bicycles in the city. The owner of the restaurant on the opposite side of the street is the self-declared protector of the murals. Now of course I chose a piece of his work where someone isn’t riding a bike.


Superwomen street art in Florence

For women’s day this year (March 8th 2019), artist LeDiesis created famous women with a superman logo. These are a few I stumbled upon. I also saw a Barbie super women in Rome!


I also learned that Florance street art doesn’t stay for long. So once an artist puts something up, it would be painted over or washed off with in days. So if you plan to visit Florance in the future you might discover all new works of art.

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