Universe what are you saying?

I kind of don’t get why the universe is not giving me really good friends. I am always telling my mom the universe has 3 answers

  1. Your not ready

  2. Something better is coming, that you need to be available for

  3. Be patient…. ok well I might of forgot the the 3rd thing.

I have moved around a lot , changed schools a couple times, and finding/having a BFF is not a reality for me. I feel like a loser, is it debatable? Totally but I just want someone that gets me an had similar maturity level. Don’t get be wrong I connected with a ton of cool girls at camp, roller derby practice. Just not regular hangouts outside of that. I am looking forward to going to high school, and getting to meet lots of new people that live in my area.


headband: old Forever21/ shoes:Superga/ matching set:Topshop (summer 18)

lauren schugar