Greve in Chianti

The 25th of June we arrived at Greve in Chianti, 45 minutes after boarding a bus from the hub Florence Italy. It was 11 am and while walking down the pebble stone round following my moms Apple maps app leading us to are bed and breakfast, I realized how different my surroundings were. In Florence we where always in the hustle and bustle but here in a little town in Tuscany it was green, everywhere. It reminded my of my aunt Bethy who lives in Ohio and when I fist came to visit her alone ( I was maybe 7 years old) I kept saying ‘‘ your home is so green!'‘. Now I felt like I’d found an even greener place.

We got to the gate of are hotel and we new the only check in time available was at 3pm but hoped that we could drop are bags in are room, no such luck. It was off to a restaurant for us. We had a nice long meal, we ate slowly and talked about everything. Particularly my moms food, she ordered huge raviolis, they where as big as my hand and that my risotto was light purple but it was all delicious! Fun Fact: cantaloupe is extra sweet in Europe vs in the US having no tase at all. One of my favorite things to order was prosciutto and melon, if you see it on a menu go ahead and order it. I saw that someone was eatting melon and asked if I could have one. We then melon came I looked up and saw a very cute boy serving us, I smiled because I forgot how to say thank you in Italian. After he had gone back inside mom’s so casual, says ‘‘ he’s cute for you, right?’’ oh mom,

Why are you so right?

By that time it’s 2: 40 and we start hiking back. It’s kinda a hilly town, as we make it to the gate we find out that we actually have to hike up several other hills. Below are pictures of the hill we walked up. It is landscaped with grape vines.


shirt:Madewell/earrings:Forever21/jeans:Levis (Mile High)

lauren schugar