There is always going to be someone that doesn't like you

There are always going to be haters out there in the world. The haters might just hate themselves. But how do you respond when people tell you that they don't like you?

As you can see from the picture that I screen shotted from my snapchat, someone dislikes me. They dislike me enough to send me this aweful message. They wanted me feel worthless, un-liked, and self-conscious. They succeeded... now what. 

For me, it's about how you chose to respond or what your actions are after the fact. As you can see in the text I refrained from saying anything nasty back. I need to spend my time on surrounding myself with people that like me. Saying nasty things back would give this person another reason to keep bullying and/or insulting me. Instead I am taking the power back and sharing this post with you. Taking something negative like this text message and turning into a blog post is a positive for me. Life is always going to hand you lemons 🍋, but it's up to you to chose what to do with them. 

lauren schugar