A month into High School and here what's going on

It’s one month into school for me as a high school freshman. Here’s where I’m at: I was pretty worried about physics last week. I’m noticing if I just pay extremely close attention I’ll be fine. Physics is also the first time I have taken a science class, and I am starting to understand the energies: positive, negative, and neutral charges.

The class that’s been the most frustrating is my math class. Last year I didn’t learn all of Pre Algebra so Algebra 1 has been a struggle so far… especially graphs. I just got a math tutor last week so hopefully math will get easier with the extra help.

Also for anyone else who has taken an art class in High School and can’t draw, I feel your pain. I currently have a C- in art class because I can’t draw. I am so bad and everyone who sit’s at my table is so good! I am slightly jelly, unless you draw all the time. I thought being an artist art would be an easy A… and well maybe it is for some but not for me.

One thing I’ve definitely learned is when you get your homework…. get in done as soon as possible. That way your don’t have to worry about it the night before its due. My school provided a planner that has a section for each period so I can put my homework that I need to work on each day but also put when homework assents are due as well as my after school plan’s. That way if I plan on hanging out with a friend on Wednesday I’ll make sure that my art homework is done Tuesday so I don’t have to rush or worry about it on Wenesday. Basically my life is in my planner, whether that’s weekly goals, assignments that I would forget about if they were not in my planner, or just plane organizational system. As you can tell I ❤️ my Planner.


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