Wait, It's fall already?🤧🍂

Fall smacked me in the face this year. Three weeks ago it was still summer even though school was in session. Last week has been rainy and cold. What else can you expect from Seattle right? Trying to be fashion forward I didn’t expect this sudden change in weather and I stayed wearing dresses (which was a mistake). This past weekend my throat was starting to feel sore and I tried to just stay home and chill but once Monday came along I went to school. This was my second mistake, It was a miserable day of trying not to blow my nose every 30 second, but I got threw it and was grateful that the day was over. Tuesday I stayed home, didn’t do any of my homework, took a nap, and watched some Gilmore Girl specifically “kiss and tell’’ for season 1. The rest of the week I went to school but I have to say it was a really hard week. Being sick and trying to focused is not fun. Also when your sick everything seems to be over dramatized. I am still learning these things and had a couple melt downs in the mean time

dress: H&M /jacket: Levis /earrings: Jcrew


lauren schugar