Joe Dispenza's Video

I was on YouTube fiddling around on my phone when I found talking about controlling your brain and was instantly sucked into watching. The premise of this youtube was about understanding rubber band feeling that you could feel for hours or up to days of your life. Understanding why when trying new things make you uncomfortable.

For the last few months I’ve been feeling this awful feeling almost every day and didn’t know what was up. I didn’t know if I was depressed, or what was going on. While listening I stated to analyze myself, realizing I was letting content take over my mind. This probably won’t make sense if you have not watched the video. All I know is that I understand a little bit more about myself and others, and I think that’s something worth your time to watch. Maybe it does not apply to you, but someone in your life would benefit from you sharing the video. Thanks for reading!

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dress: ASOS/ earrings: Forever21

dress: ASOS/ earrings: Forever21

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