Lazy Oaf Shorts

I feel like it’s not that hard to be cute and comfortable but when your shopping on poshmark and the you find a amazing pieces ( these pin-able shorts) you tend to not think about a size to small being and uncomfortable. Theres pineapple Lazy Oaf shorts are adorable and also an xs that go up my booty.

Being comfortable and confident in your clothes is something that’s important. The clothing you wear is a way of expressing yourself. I don’t think you can be completely comfortable if your clothing if there super uncomfortable. Life is to short to not feel good in your clothes. Do you have stuff in your closet that you love but never wear because it’s uncomfortable or no longer fits you? Ever think about trying to sell it on Poshmark?

Shorts: old  Lazy Oaf / denim jacket:  LA Gear / headband:  forever21 / sunglasses: old Ralph Lauren

Shorts: old Lazy Oaf/ denim jacket: LA Gear/ headband: forever21/ sunglasses: old Ralph Lauren

lauren schugar