Milk Bar at The Cosmopolitan

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Las vegas for my mid-winter break visiting my family and going to the Milk Bar was on my list of places I wanted to visit. We ended up eating lunch at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. My mom and me headed into China poblano because she remembers eating there and it being good with a cool interior. Now that was 7 years ago but she was disappointed with all the changes made and thought it was a little over priced. So, the milk bar has had some hype and I couldn’t wait to try. Honestly if I could, I would of bought one of everything to try. But my mom wasn’t having it so I tried crack pie. It was super sweet, almost two sweet. The texture, the packaging of the pie was super cute. Its a dessert you only need a bite or two of, so plan on sharing crack pie if you ever order it.

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earrings:  JCrew / jumpsuit:Urban Outfitters/ shoes: Vans

earrings: JCrew/ jumpsuit:Urban Outfitters/ shoes: Vans

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