Monet's Garden in Giverny

Ever heard of the artist Claude Monet ….? Well I got the pleasure of seeing his home & garden in person that inspired all of his paintings!

‘‘Are last day in Europe, what should we do?’’ ‘‘Go to an extravagant garden with famous paintings were painted.’’ ‘‘sound good?’’

We took an hour and a half bus to get there. Once we were there we had 90 minutes to explore both the house and the gardens. It was really cool. The house was colorful inside and out, and wasn’t that big compared to the surrounding gardens.

After Monet died in 1926, his son inherited the house and garden of Giverny. His son didn’t live on the property nor did he have any children to leave it to. The house and garden were neglected and Micheal Monet made Academie des Beaux-Arts his heir.

It took 10 years to restore the house and garden and were mostly funded by USA donors. And the property was open in to the public since September 1980. There are about 500,000 visitors per year. If you have time in Paris this is a beautiful half day trip.

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