Seriously Mom, with the sandwich complement

I usually wear summer/spring clothing in fall/winter because. Mainly because I can’t find winter clothing in my pastel color palette. Warm weather clothing usually comes in darker colors. For example instead of sunshine yellow in spring, you will find mustard yellow in the stores. Also I blame partly growning up in Las Vegas because people wear heavy winter jackets between Dec-Feb.

The book that I am currently reading is Anne Frank. After that I have the following books on my list: The Energy Bus,The Four Agreements, and Joyful:the surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness. Basically this year is more education books, mostly to make me better but a small part of me just wants to shut my mom up about how I read ‘‘romance novels’’. I just get eritated because when bragging about her kid reading 52 book in 2018, she also makes me feel like l didn’t deserve it with a sandwitch complement. Example: ‘‘Yeah!, she read 52 books, but a good portion of them were romance novels’’ Like romance novels are a bad thing. They are cutesy thats what they are. I know this is a problems that’s not really a problem but I don’t like feeling less than just because I didn’t do something to someone else standers.

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dress: Urban Outfitters/ scarf+shoes: Madewell/ long sleeve tee: Nordstrom BP

lauren schugar