I don't know what I'm doing

Its currently a Saturday and I don’t know what I’m doing.

Explanation: At 7am this morning I made my family get up so we could go to the tulip fields. The tulip fields are about an hour and half away from where we live. I was really pumped until we got there and there was no tulips to be found. We were too early in the season. I saw daffodils in the distance [which I love BTW, (who wouldn’t love the yellow sign of spring?') and those where on a private property. Yes, I was a little disappointed but I was just glad I didn’t end up vlogging. Mostly because there was nothing to see. In the time frame its about 10am and we are heading back home when we stopped for a [not so quick] outlet mall trip. At the outlet mall I read 20 pages in 4 hours. I’m pretty sure mom got my dad a new closet. I’m almost positive dad got what he was looking for. I was kind of surprised I only read that much considering in 2018 4 hours would of equaled a solid 120 pages.

We get home around 3pm; I was a bit tired but merely wanted to feel productive, thus work out. Since my back surgery I can only walk on the treadmill. (Had spine surgery 3 months ago you can click here to watch my youtube ) By the time I was ready to walk out the door I dropped my headphones on the floor and found… ants. My dad had just come up the stairs and I alerted him with a bit of authority that we had ants and not just two, a army of ants. So many ants that after 15 minutes of finding the long ant trail my dad put me to the job of killing the poor things and he’d go to the store for ant traps. This worked out until my back started hurting. This isn’t a good sign because my back isn’t completely healed from surgery. Medal rods in my back + crawling on the ground = not a good idea

I haven’t gone on a walk or edited, which was what I was mainly planning on doing today. If you remember what I said at the beginning of this blog post; I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m listening to “Nine in the afternoon” by Panic at the disco on repeat, and I don’t even normally listen to Panic at the disco. Tomorrow will be a new day for me to check boxes off my list.

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