Spine Fusion Surgery Complete

Spine fusion surgery completed. I had my surgery on Dec 31, 2018, I was ready to start the new year with a straight back since my scoliosis would only get worse. Little did I know I’d have a crying fit everyday after for the next 10 days. Here the rundown of it all.

Right after I got out of surgery I woke up all confused and wondered if I was in a dream or made It out of surgery. I felt pretty drugged up, and I couldn’t stop cry that whole day. If someone said something stressful I would instantly react. My whole back 2 days after surgery for was the most painful part. The first two days were just HARD. Nothing more nothing less. By the third day after my spine fusion surgery I was walking up a flight of stairs which is kind of crazy. Once I was able to walk stairs, I got the green light to go home. Home has it’s freedoms and limitations in itself. At first it was really nice to sleep in your own bed, eat home cooked meals, shower, and slowly are able to go places. But by day 10, I wanted to help clean up the kitchen or ride the bus to the books store or even go outside. My energy was drained just going out to eat. I can’t, or shouldn’t be bending, lifting anything over 10 lbs, or twisting my body in any way. I miss just being me if that makes any sense. I feel like I’m useless and for the next couple weeks my life needs to be very low key to heal properly. This was my first surgery so I have nothing to compare it to but I’d say if I can, you could totally do it.


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lauren schugar