Studio DIY egg clutch

So last month I started studio DIY "can't clutch this" club. My instagram feed was flooded with  people rocking these cute clutches. For my birthday, I asked for a subscription to  join.  It was kind of difficult and honesty annoying to sign up. I had to wait a full month until the next clutch came out. When it did, it was this cool egg clutch. But the following month I didn't love the clutch and honestly wouldn't of bought it if given the choice. But how this subscription box works once see next months clutch, you are not able to skip that month if you don't like it. You can skip a month only before the clutch is revealed.  I wanted to cancel the subscription but my mom said to wait to see if I hate the next months clutch.  Basically watch out for what you sign up for. 

Studio DIY clutches are really well made, and my mom suggested gifting the ones we don't love. So for now thats the plan. Also Studio DIY has the cutest blog and makes me wish I had balloons in my house at all time along with a live in photographer. Kelly girl you and your team have it going on. 

lauren schugar