Summer hangouts

I’ve been home for a 3 weeks now and have been very busy! Since I’ve been gone all summer I wanted to make sure I hung out with everyone at least once! thus I’ve been reaching out to everyone and seeing if they had time to hang out before my summer vacation from school was up. All I’ve been doing lately is editing, hanging out with people I haven’t seen in 2 months up to a year, and writing up blogposts! Side note: can I get a woo WOO for finishing up Europe blog post! Now I just have to finish up Europe youtube videos and I’ll be caught up.

Back in March Spotify introduced me to a band called Summer Salt, that is my current favorite band as well as Surfaces. Around that time, I looked up concert tickets because I felt like I was sitting at home and wanted to go to more concerts so of course my mom talked smack to me and I did something about it. This is what usually gets me motivated. I invited my friend Sophie to come with me and we had a really fun time! Want to see what the show was like? Check out my preview of the Summer salt concert here on my YouTube video.

It show was held at Neumos in Capitol Hill, Seattle. I’ve never been to a concert at Neumos and loved how small the venue was. Below are pictures of me and Sophie earlier in the day.

lauren schugar