Sundress in Tuscany

After are 2 days in what I like to call Farm town but was really in Tuscany. The beautiful views, finishing up the book Since you’ve Been Gone (very good BTW) and chilli’n at there pool. It was off to another adventure. Which include bus and train rides. We get back on the bus that takes us to Florence and I was wearing a sundress because it is beyond hot outside. Once we arrive we had to by another set of train tickets otherwise we’d be waiting at the train station for more then 4 hours and that’s just not worth a half a day in Europe. 30 euros later we are on a train with no air conditioning, In the middle of a heat wave. I kept checking for our stops, a little confused I ask the train conductor when is our next stop. Turns out we had missed it several stops ago. After being legit lost in a different country for 10 or so minutes with know help we figured it out and ended up getting to our location safe and sound.


dress: Mango

lauren schugar