Venice Italy

Our first night in Venice we woke up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. My mom and me were ready for the day at around 5 am and started walking around outside. During the day, Venice is crowded, we stayed a little out of the tourist hub athough there’s really no getting away from all the people; there’s about 20 million visitors per year in Venice. At 5 am not a sole in site and it was a breath of fresh air to wonder the streets. I highly recommend getting up a little bit early to explore. I would also suggest the boat bus system. It took us a few wrong boats to figure it our but in the end totally worth it. We bought a 3 day pass which we used multiple times a day !

On our stay in Venice we went to the highly recommended Doge’s Palace! I loved it, but to get to the palace you have to go threw one of the most crowed in tourist areas, its definitely a hub.

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