don't couch potato

Its summer and for some of us, we get a few months off of school. Its nice to have some time to chill, but most of us do something I like to call " couch potato" before you get defensive just remember I've been a catch potato many ... many ... times is my life. Let me explain what a couch potato is. My definition of a couch potato is someone who sits in the house all day watching TV and eating for over 3-4 hours at a time multiple times a day.  Its not like your fat, you could be a "skinny" and still be a couch potato. This is how I feel when I realize that I'm being a couch potato. Instead of me watching Tv, I could be hanging out with friends or hustling my way to make more allowance money.  Do something is better that doing nothing in front of the TV.

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lauren schugar