Busy film teen

I’m generally not a busy person and have always been able to entertain myself. In the last 6 months I’ve learned a bit about myself. I learned I work well under pressure [most of the time] and feel better/more myself when I keep busy.

A few weeks ago I declared a goal for myself of 40 youtube videos completed in 2019. Since I’ve made that goal in February about 5 weeks ago I’ve successfully posted 4 videos! A few of them I’m really proud of and am impressed that I could get them out within a week of working on them. This last week though I wasn’t able to post due to a huge homework assignment. My teacher has been adding to it every week. I’m a bit overwhelmed because I’m currently editing 2 videos, want to make another video about ‘‘cleaning my room/house’’.

Exited because I’m making oportunutys for myself and am loving it. I’m stressed because I don’t want to disappoint myself of others because I’m juggling muliple projects.. The important thing I keep reminding myself thought is to say on the positive side and to trust that every things going to turn out ok even if I make a mistake…. because I’ll learn.

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dress: Urban Outfitters/scarf +shoes: Madewell/ long sleeve tee: Nordstrom BP

lauren schugar