Cupcake Royale

cupcake sign
dreamer tee

dreamer t-shirt: Forever21 jeans: Gap Kids

cupcake or icecream
which one did I chose

The other day I went to the cupcake/ice cream shop Cupcake Royale in Seattle. I have been there before about 2 years ago (it's right by Pike Place Market). I chose the ice cream flavor salted caramel cupcake....  it was not my type of flavor.  Actually I really didn't like it at all that much. So I was super bummed that my special treat wasn't all that I expected or wanted to be. Next time I should of asked for a taster. My mom got a raspberry pavloa flavered cupcake. She did not like it that much either. She said It was to sugary for her.

waiting for icecream
chose ice cream