write all day

I could write all day just like talking. but we all talk all day. jobs are basicky talking, solveing problems or makeing new ones.  whats the pont of salving problems if there are just going to be more. ? lets be really real, we are all just going to die trying to figuer out what the hell we are each indevijly plast on this earth for. wow I sort of bitter that im lost in this plentiful world i life in. i cant just be me thinking what am i doing in life thought. Does enyone ever troly  know who they are and what there doing? made im just wondering this becouse i dont know enything about what im taking about. thats why im wright about everthing + nothing at the same time. 


earrings:Catbird/jacket: old Zara/croptop:Forever21/jeans: mile high Levi's/boots: SteveMadden

lauren schugar