How I deal with haters

I would define a "hater" as being a negative or critical person disliking what you are doing. We all have encountered a "hater" at some point in are life. But the question is why do we have to deal with them? When haters "hate" on you, they are testing you to see if you will take there  crap. Maybe they don't believe in themselves, or they think they are ugly inside and want to make you feel ugly to. Don't let someone that you don't care about effect how you feel about yourself. Not everyone is going to like you. When someone doesn't like you it's hard not to take it personally. My feelings get really hurt when someone doesn't like me. But it's more important for me to like who I am than someone I don't really know like me.  The way you have to deal with haters is not to let them drag you down. Believe me this is not easy to do. It takes practice. . . . lots and lots of practice. I am hear to listen if you need a friend. I personally hate "haters".

lauren schugar