sharing my Sunday

Today I went to the Seattle public library (Capitol Hill location) not realizing that on Sunday it didn't open till 1pm. It was 11:20am, and I had some time to kill. I decided to go into Urban Outfitters since it was right down the street. My dad texted me to suggest I should get something to eat. Food is always a great idea. I walked past this wall remembering when I took pictures for this blog post. I went to a great bagel shop called Eltana up the street from the cool walls. As I ate I read a chapter or two of the book I'm reading right now called "the way i used to be" and finished my chicken pistachio soup {which i really recommend}. It was almost 1pm so i started walking back towards the library. I walked into the library and found my section of books. I saw a book called  "Eleanor & Park" that I've been looking at on Amazon, along with watching a youtube book reviews. The reviews were very mixed so I was on the fence of buying the book. To see that booking sitting on the rack made me smile. I texted my friend Melanie when I got home. Never underestimate a day, or what you can accomplish with in one. 


dress + shoes:Adidas/ denim jacket: Gap 

lauren schugar