Little Baby Sugar

Little baby sugar

Falling on the truck; tries to get back up

But ends in the same position she started in

Work your way up she tells her self as she starts to fall [again]

Later that day yawning away, baby sugar starts to smile

She did it! finished the last day of May.

Summer will start someway 

This poem is about: I'm learning how to roller derby... it's really difficult. Today while at roller derby practice I was doing my thing when; and my skates or the [trucks of my skates] interlocked and I fell. I was in derby stance [which is a squat on skates] while with 3 other people were trying to not let the blocker threw when somehow I ended on the floor teary-eyed because I fell on my skate. It sounds painless but 3 days later, while I am editing this blog post my left foot still hurts. If I get on a roller derby team, I get to pick a cutesy name. I'm thinking sugar-style or pink-sugar

If you're on Instagram comment what you think a good name would be! using β›ΈπŸ™ƒ to let me now you came for this blog post! Thank you so much for reading. 

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