Scoliosis Life


My experience recovering from spine fusion surgery is not been a bad one, its actually a blessing. To be informed dalily how good you got it, man its a wonderful thing. I spent my days listening to Thank U, Next and baking with my new Kitchen Aid mixer! I partly got a mixer because I bake my infamous [but famous in the Schugar house hold] banana bread 2 to 3 times a month and am always like “hey wouldn’t it be SO much easer if we just got a mixer so I could bake what ever I want when ever I want?’’ My mom’s thought process was a mixer to make desserts would not help her waist line. You know when your parents totally shut down idea’s, well I came to terms with baking the old fashion way with a whisk and a bowl. My Aunt was also in town [ for my surgery] and wanted to perfect her pie crust , and she had mentioned how the crust wasn’t coming out correctly. My mom looked up the mixer and it happened to be on sale. That sealed the deal and we got a mixer that day! I’ve baked brownies, shortbread cookies, and 2 pies since. My aunt says its therapeutic. I get really consumed in trying to make it flavorful and healthy, which I am learning low-fat and baking don’t always mesh. One of the pies I made I put in half the sugar that the recipe called for and the apples were bitter verses sweet. My sour apple pie wasn’t a win. All treats can’t be winers, but I can definitely say my brownies were.

I have spent the last two weeks bossing my mom around and blaming things on my back. Going to school getting tired and fetching my mother who carts me around were ever I please. “What do you need?” She asked me. “My response endless with glee. ‘‘Pizza Please’’, or “butter for the brownies I want to make’’, or ‘‘A green shake with a little mango juice’’[ I instantly get energy from the kale, banana, mango juice and any other fruit we might have in house ] You can’t taste the Kale, which makes it one of my favorites.


beanie:Target/ croptop:Kolh’s / denim jacket:Gap/ pants: bought in Japanese/ glasses:Warby Parker

lauren schugar