Sunny in Amsterdam

Going from a heat wave in Italy to Seattle like weather (rainy) in Amsterdam. I though I might catch a cold! Thankfully I didn’t.

This was our first day in Amsterdam and it happened to be sunny! We booked the Anne Frank House tickets at 7pm thinking it was 7am because military time messed us up we had a whole day to our selves. We started the day by walking around and find the Waterlooplein which is the oldest daily feat market of vintage stuff in Amsterdam. I didn’t actually buy anything at the feb market but did in the cute vintage shops along the way. I got a cute 80’s long skirt with one pocket. I’ve been seeing that trend everywhere in Europe and FINALLY found one that I really liked. We popped into a another vintage shop and can I just say the vintage in Amsterdam is very fun to shop. In the U.S or at least where I live vintage stores tend to be smelly and pricey.

Then for lunch we ate at a yummy American pancake place called MOAK Pancakes. My mom got a salad and I got the Supa Dupa. ( but really dessert for me😋)

After making little pit stops alone the way we started heading in the direction of the Anne Frank house. Why we went to Europe was because when my mom saw the Anne Frank house for the first time in 2003 she knew it would be important thing to show her child (I wasn’t born yet). For her, it meant what it means to be jewish. My mom always said if I read the book she would take me. I finished reading the book this past February. I should note that I was promised a fun trip after I had my spine surgery. My mom thought is was important to have something to look forward after that surgery. The reason we were in Europe for a month is because we where planning on doing an 2-week Ef tour, but mom looked at the numbers and decided for the same price we could just do it on our own. My 19 year old cousin, Hannah, did with her friends the last year for 6 weeks, so why couldn’t we? Lets get the most for our plane ticket, lets see it all. But it all started with seeing the Anne Frank House and trying to help me understand what being Jewish means.

I cried while walking through the rooms of the Anne Frank House. I don’t remember the last time I cried like that, even thinking about walking threw the secret annex makes me start to tear up. As soon as I saw the stairs, I started tearing up, telling myself “ getting closer to the book self’. It was surreal, looking at the rooms. Wanting to touch the posters that Anne talked about a bit, how intimate it all was, the diary itself but this place where it was all written. Where I imagined.. imagined to be a reality in front of me. I felt like I so close to her, as if I really knew her not just one of the 30 million people who have purchase and read her story. I was the same age as her when she was in hiding, so I was able to understand what she was writing about. What shocked me the most about this exhibt, was they had video footage/ testimonal’s of Anne’s friends that were Holocaust survivor’s that were with her in the concentration camps, along with her boyfriend before she went into hiding.

I cried when I was there, because it so close to home. Especially what’s going on in are country right now.



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