Colorful Places in Paris

Here are the most colorful places in Paris that I was able to visit:

1) Monet’s Garden- hour and half drive from Paris. I went on a tour which included a direct bus ride and to Giverny and tickets to see Monet’s house and garden. The garden was gorgeous and worth the drive back and forth. You can also take the train and than a bus, but my mom wasn’t in the mood to get lost.

2) Rue Crémeux- A street that is filled with pastel colors. I didn’t realize you couldn’t take pictures and a home owner told me to stop. I felt bad. Needless to say beautiful street, busy with visitors and no pictures. This street makes me want to visit Notting Hill in London.

3) Pigalle Basketball Court- the most colorful basketball court I have ever seen.

4) Le Village Royal/- ever seen pictures of colorful umbrella’s ceilings? I stumbled across this art installation while walking to the Art De Triomphe. Its in a expensive shopping center, so if your passing by it’s great but unless you are shopping high end designer this might not be the shopping center for you.


red pants:Topshop/ earrings:Forever21

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