Whenever my mom or I ever go on a trip without my dad he likes to ask up are 3 roses and are 3 thorns. How it works is you tell your 3 favorite moments or memories and your 3 not so enjoyable experiences. I thought I would be fun If I shared mine for Florence Italy.


1) Uffizi Gallery- My favorite painting in this gallery was Primavera painted by Sandro Botticlli , we had a tour guide who explained to us that it was actually an engagement painting and that they made all the woman preserve pregnant for luck of children. I was able to ask questions that my mom usually got annoyed at because she didn’t know the answer and I didn’t look things up. Beside the Vatican, the Uffizi Gallery was my favorite museum; even the passage ways where incredible prestigious and eye wideing!

2) Street Art Tour- this was booked thru air b-n-b experiences and was pretty cool. I learned about street artist in Florence, it was very in-depth and overall interesting. I really liked how artist are still really respectful about the reins and old homes, putting paper verses pen. Also, the tour ended with a scoop of gelato; who dose not love that!

3) Pasta Making- we booked a pasta making class thru Air b-n-b experiences. It was around 5 hours and we shopped at the market, and learned how to make 3 different types of pasta. I felt like they were nice people and spoke wonderful english. Be warned tho, I was stuffed to the brim with the pasta we made and that they then served to us.


1) The COCROCH. I was at are air B&B alone and was walking back to my room when I see this big bug running around and am running my self when I realized it was a cockroach! my prince came home 10 minute latter and found me on the couch just waiting with my feet tucked in because I dide’t want to get the cocrosh tuch. my dad found the bug and it went down the drain, i was grossed out the rest of the day.

2) I feel like all you could eat were carbs and tomatoes which are two things I love but when that’s all you can find to eat; pizza or pasta it makes you crave a vegetable or two. Be thankful for your greens kids.

3) The only thing we planned in advance for Florence was the street art tour and I felt like I missed out a bit because I didn’t have my game plan covered. For example the famous Duomo that we were literally stayed 2 minutes walking distance from. I just thought we could go any time and then it was are last afternoon and I had a realization that when you don’t plan stuff, you lose out on doing stuff.

I think my mom and I definaltly learned a lot from this trip and I’m just grateful we got to enjoy and learn, because thats what life all about.

travellauren schugar