Having fun at Janelle Mona'e

  My friend Nuala invited me to go see Janelle Mona'e concert to help launch her new album, ''Dirty Computer''! Before the concert started Nuala and I asked two ladies if they would take a picture of us. One of them informd me I had toilet paper down my paints. How charming! Before I could introduce myself one of them said,  "Its nice to me you Brooklyn". I was stunned. How did she know my name?  "Im psychic" she explained and then quickly confessed that she had read my necklace that said my name on it. She also asked me if this was my first Janelle Mona'e concert. I told her it was indeed my first and then she gave me a bracelet with Janelle's name on it saying it was from her first concert Janelle concert too. You meet nice people everywhere but since I've been listening to Janelle Mona'e I've made little connections with people that I would not have otherwise. Now that is charming! 


Headband:Forever21/ Top + Pants:Topshop/sandals: Katy Perry/ earrings:Bando

lauren schugar