Juicy Banana Dress

Living my best Palm Springs life and am feeling like Gwen Stefanis’”Rich Girl” song right now. It hard to fathom at points of how lucky I am. I have an unlimited amount of gratitude for the oppotituitys and experiances I’ve been able to have. Now I’m guessing while reading this your probably not thinking about all the positive things that have happened in your day. Well, for me… could you take a minute or two just to remember that everything is going to be ok. The universe throws things that you because it knows you can handle it. Just remember as long as your trying your best your, your doing good enough in my book! Hope you remember this advice next time your overwhelmed.

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banana dress:  Juicy Couture / yellow headband:old  Madewell / shoes: Birkenstock

banana dress: Juicy Couture/ yellow headband:old Madewell/ shoes:Birkenstock

lauren schugar