Mural + Jumpsuit = fun times

Don't mind me chilling over here with my good vibes and colorful wall to my back. Do you ever find that its hard to be positive? Especially when your in a bad mood? Well if you don't... great job. Being negative when I am in a bad mood is something I do. Some times I'm in a mood and just can't be positive to save my life. If your like me then you just have to think about what it is your really bothered about and problem solve. For me, I don't even want to say what is bothering me out loud because I am too embarrassed or ashamed. Not to mention my lack of close friends I trust talking about stuff with. The first thing I do is try to be completely honest with myself about why I am upset. then I think about  what can i do to fix the problum. after that it really depends on the suchuaythion but always go with your gut and have a nice day.

jumper: Peek Kids/sunglasses:Clairs/sandals:Madewell

lauren schugar