Lazy Oaf Romper

I’ve been in a funk and let me tell you NO one enjoys it especially the rest of my family. Today I was a bit hangry ( like I always seam to be ) and really wanted boba tea. We were hanging out in Bellevue a town across the water from downtown Seattle. ( Basically a 15 minute drive form where I live) I use to live in Bellevue before moving closer to the Space Needle. Where I live theres one boba place in particular that I’ve never had a bad experience at called Oasis Tea Zone. I usually get a strawberry milk tea with half tango and have mango jelly boba.

I ended up get tomato soup at bleaches and was in a better mood form there! In one of my recent youtube videos I modeled for this girl named sophie and her backpack company ( insert hear) I ended up hanging out with her today and to call it long story short got boba at blank space cafe. She got a bubble waffle which is always good I got my regular but raspberry boba tea.

shirt: Topshop( old)/scarf: Madewell (old)/romper: LazyOaf


lauren schugar