My mom and I were driving past this cute vintage store called Pretty Parlor on the way to school. Pretty Parlor had just changed their there window display and this jumper (coveralls) was in the window. My mom instantly knew the brand and said, “we need to go in there”. As you can see we went in and I walked out with a new outfit. NooWorks is the coolest brand. Everything is made in the USA, and they commission artists to draw the prints on the fabric.

This was my first day wearing my new colorful summer jumper and after taking theses pictures and doing some editing on Adobe Premiere for my youtube channel. I also hung out with my friend Sophie. We were filming a video Idea themed “what to pack on a picnic’’ and I was getting a stop motion of everything we packed. I got up to sit on the towel and realized that I had a grass stain! This may sound like I’m being over dramatic, It’s only a grass stain “Brooklyn” the world is not going to end. But you see I was particularly worried about the stain because it was my first time wearing it and for it was definitely at the top of the price range outfit for my family. I was being such a worry wat that I called my mom and she said it was cool, “we can also pit patches in it, *shug’s’’. 😅

When my mom picked me up later that day she told me that, its ok that you stained your jumper. It’s just clothes. Also shug’s is a nickname my family gave me when I was younger.


jumper: Nooworks/earrings: forever21/shoes:Katy Perry

lauren schugar