Pink Tulle Skirt in Paris

My second day in Paris I wore my big puffy tulle skirt that was pre plotted out, to be sent home in my dad’s luggage when he left Florence. (My dad was traveling with us for a week) Together my mom and I had a vision that I would wear it to the Eiffel tower. That ended up being the only time I wore this skirt in Europe.

My mother’s friend Ryan was in Paris and escorted us as a tour guide passing all the sights. We basically walked to every famous tourist attraction you can think of. After that day I realized I needed to start experiencing these sights verses just walking past them. For example, I really wanted to go up the Arc De Triomphe. I kinda wanted to see what I’d be studying in world history at one point of my life. All the things we passed where magnifasant and not only that, only a few miles away for each other. (Although I did walk 11 miles that day so… not all that close.)


top:Topshop/ skirt: Halogen shoes: Birkenstock

lauren schugar