You know when you get inspired by something and you are so excited to do something productive with your new found inspiration. Then you realize that reality has kicked in and what you signed up for is just a lot of hard work. That's how I feel about my youtube channel. When I am uninspired (which is basically all the time) and don't want to work on my video's. I got myself out of this rut by giving myself a pep-talk. You know when you talk to yourself in your head (Please tell me you do so I am not sounding completely insane), I started shutting that noise off and started telling myself "Just start working on it".  As a result, two days later I had finished a 2 month old video. It felt so good to get that box checked off my list. Now this very moment I am motivated to continuing editing my other videos I have in que. What do you do to get inspired?


peplum t-shirt: Topshop/jeans: Levis (mile high) boots: Doc Martins

lauren schugar